Monday, June 15, 2020

Birthday Celebrations Continue...


The weekend was relaxing and fun as I enjoyed additional birthday fun. Not what one might consider standard birthday festivities, but my reasoning was because it was my birthday.

First, I decided to watch a movie. Not a thing I do often, because I'd rather read and it often takes a long time to just make a choice. But-- DD came across the movie Twister, which is long-time favorite of us girls in the family as well as part of a long-standing family joke. Usually when the weather's bad, we'll say to my Brown-Eyed Girl, "Hey you want to watch Twister?" So I texted my Brown-eyed Girl telling her we watching it and her reply...? "Is the weather bad?" hahahaha!!

After the movie, which took me to about 8:45pm, I hopped into Zoom chat with my JAG ladies. They get online every night at 8:30 to visit and gab. But as you all probably know by now, I'm in bed and generally asleep by the time 8:30 ticks around. But since it was my birthday...I checked in and said hello to those who were online.

On Saturday, DD and I went in search of a new screen protector for my phone as I've cracked mine again. Alas, Five Below was out, so I'll have to try again next weekend. While we were at the mall, we made a circuit through Michael's and came across some paw print magnets, which I bought for us to do a quick craft.

There's a Starbucks over there too and I opted to start my reward day and full half-day early and DD treated me to some sort of coffee creation. We also got ice cream on the way home. Mmmm...

Now, you remember that I'd lamented that DD and I were having bad luck trying to score squirrel corn? Yeah so, before the whole trip to Five Below, Michael's and Starbucks, we'd cleaned out the birdbaths.

And we finally made it to the feed store before they closed and scored us some squirrel and blue jay mix.

And then we got a wild hair to re-do the focal point (for lack of a better term) around the oak tree under which there's a birdbath--which is more for drinking than bathing because it's so small.

Anyway, this is getting way longer than I'd planned and y'all probably don't care about the series of events, but we went from this sad little area:

To this more-clean looking setup:

We also moved the other small birdbath from next to the big one and filled it with squirrel corn. DD mentioned she'd seen a small picnic table thing for squirrel corn that's still on the cob, but we found one that was more of a trough and ended buying that too.

And while we were at Lowe's we ended up with a second bird feeder as well as hummingbird feeder!

It's off in a different corner, and we didn't see any hummingbirds yesterday evening, so it might take a day or two for them to find it.

As an additional surprise, our lawn guy brought his chain saw and cut up that pile of branches from our fallen limb. Now we have that patch of lawn back--so yay. (You can see that section in that 1st bird feeder image.)

And then last but not least, DD and I worked on our little craft project that didn't get finished because the ceramic needed several coats of each color and I needed to get in bed. I'll show that off later. :0)

So all that to say, it was a lovely birthday weekend and I had fun.

Here's to a great week. Hope you're well.

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