Friday, November 15, 2019

Where has the year gone...?

I've lamented the passing of the year before. I thought I'd have more time to relax and breathe, but that hasn't been the case and 2020 is looking to be just as busy.

It seems that now that the kids are gone, there's less ebb and flow to the year. No summer without the school-year-routine to look forward to as a time to do less.

Now it's just one thing after another after another and how did this happen?

Well, mostly it's my fault because I say yes to things that maybe I shouldn't, but part of it seems to be the reality of various aspects of life and the things I've chosen to do with it.

For example...I'm a hockey fan. I've chosen to be a season ticket holder which means attending up to 41 games each year. Which is too many and I've mentioned that before, so I've opted to sell my tickets to many of the weekend games. But I like the perks of being a full season ticket holder, so I'm on the fence about going with a smaller package. And there are other things that go along with it and it's a way to spend time with and bond with DD.

As a writer, my goal is to write and publish books. Now I'm not aiming to be a USA Today Bestseller but I would still like to publish at least two books a year. That means writing and planning and all that good stuff.

As a writer, I'm also a member of a writer's organization...which means monthly meetings and being involved. I might be a little over committed this year, but after August when I pass the torch, I'll have one job and the following year...I'm taking the year off. I deserve a break.

As a writer, there's also writer's conferences. I've limited it to just the one unless the national organization of my writers groups has one in Texas, but that's not happening again for a few years, so I'm safe. I know a lot of authors do several each year, but I don't make enough money from my writing to support that, so no.

As a person, I have friends and family...

So life gets busy and if you're not paying attention, another year whooshes by.

I'd like to be a little less busy, so I think I'm going to work towards that.

Take care and have a great weekend.

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