Monday, November 18, 2019

Feeling Motivated

After way too many hours sitting and sorting spreadsheets and numbers this weekend, I was feeling antsy on Sunday. I really wanted to read, but my eyes were bothering me and I needed something that didn't require glasses. So I finally got down and dirty in the garage.

Sonshine left behind about a dozen boxes full of stuff and they've been stacked in a corner gathering dust and cobwebs for five years now.

DH and I want a little more space in the garage for some elbow room as well as one more piece of exercise equipment, which means Sonshine and DD's boxes need to be relocated. Well, Sonshine is not here to go through his stuff, so the job falls to good ol' mom.

I threw away all the clothes. Bugs had gotten into one box and they were icky. I also figured if he'd needed them, he would have dug them out in the half dozen visits he's made home since he left. The boxes that will be heading his way, some way somehow, got relocated to an empty cabinet--may as well not clog up twice the floor space, right?

There are still a few boxes to rummage through and there's some cleanup to be done, but it felt good to be physically active (aside from the twice-daily bike ride) and I felt like I accomplished something.

Most of the Christmas decorations are in a pile and I was half tempted to start decorating...but I wasn't quite ready for that project just yet.

I gotta say, it feels really good see that funk in the rear-view mirror. :0)

Hope you had an enjoyable or productive weekend as well.

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