Wednesday, July 17, 2019

The Chair Gym

 (Don't mind the mess around the chair, eh??)

Thanks to my mother-in-law (Thanks, Mimi!!!) for allowing me to add this piece of exercise equipment to our collection. It'll now allow me to do some of the exercises I gave up by trading in my gym membership on that elliptical.

I spent some time searching out "chair gym" workout videos. I only found one so far, but it hit all the areas I like to target and I'm happy with it for now. I added some garden stepping stones to act as an aerobic step platform until I can buy one, and I do the stepping in between each of the lady's different sections to catch my breath, but keep my heart rate up. So far so good.

While my body is feeling achy from the more diligent workouts, I'm also feeling generally better over all. And that's the goal.

I've also been pretty good, though not perfect, about giving up bad carbs. It's harder on the days I work from home because all the food is there. So it'll be a struggle until those things are consumed.

Unfortunately, despite my diligence, I haven't seen a noticeable drop on the scale. Yet. I imagine it's just a matter of time.

Hope you're well. Talk to you Friday.

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