Monday, July 22, 2019

Making Progress

Despite it being writers group Saturday (and being gone all day), the weekend was pretty productive, at least as far as my publishing hobby goes.

After conversation with my dear friend Clover, I finalized the two book blurbs I needed to get done and I made some inroads on plotting a couple of books. Not deep ones, in all honesty, but I'm satisfied. I'm not one to bang these things out. The ideas have to percolate a bit so I can make sure the plot progression works and makes sense.


I'm just under three months out from my conference and there's still a lot to do, but now that book blurbs are written, everything else can start happening. Finally. I need to compile all my lists into one comprehensive list and then start doing.


Once the conference is attended and past and I'm back home, it'll be time to get back to writing--hence the plotting I'm trying to get a head start on.

Because not only is the conference in October, but HOCKEY SEASON STARTS in October. In fact, it begins prior to the conference. The Dallas Stars home opener is October 3rd.

My goal is to put two books out next year: book seven of the Ten Rigs series that is half written and to participate the second edition of the anthology, the Valentine's edition.

To that end, one of the books I'm plotting is that second anthology so once I get back from conference I can dive right in.


Hope you had a wonderful and/or productive weekend...

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