Monday, July 1, 2019

So long, Sonshine...

I had to put my boy on a plane for his adopted home yesterday, but here's the latest selfie of the two of us. It was a short but sweet little visit and today we both are back to business as usual. School for him, working, writing, and exercising for me. Also for me: back to eating right. I've eaten so much junk for the last I-don't-even-know-how-long. I can feel it and I can see it in the pooch I've re-developed. I don't like it, so... back on the wagon.


I've completed the editing pass of "Snowball" I started while down at the lake last week. I'll go through it at least once more, but probably twice before I'll feel like it's where it needs to be. The first half probably only needs the one additional pass, but the second half has seen quite a bit of tweaking and will definitely need two more edits.

I'm also now percolating the next anthology submission I'm planning. I know more of one character than the other. I've got a couple of plot ideas, but I'm still hoping for a few more--especially the one that screams "I'M IT."


The new hockey season begins today, as does the period known as free-agency when teams can sign players from other teams whose contracts are expiring. The Stars have made a few trades these past couple of weeks and bought out a non-producing player in order to free up "cap space." Basically the NHL sets a limit on how much teams can spend on player contracts each year.

A lot of people in the know (mostly hockey reporters that I follow on Twitter.) have reported that the Stars will be signing two big names sometime today. And the Stars specific beat reporter thinks there might be something else in the works as well. Exciting times. We'll see how it plays out today and this week.


Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

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