Monday, March 4, 2019

Monday, Monday...

Yeah, Friday was a busy, busy day for me and I just couldn't make it over here. Writing up these blog posts can take longer than you might imagine. Not always, no, but sometimes.

Friday when I arrived home, I saw a box on my porch. I hadn't ordered anything, but it could have been for DD. Lo and behold though, it was a package from my Grandma in Denmark.She sent me lovely assortment of goodies, both nostalgic and edible.

Danish licorices--of which I'm very fond--and a little wooden Danish flag.

A picture of 3- or 4-year-old me and a little dress I wore at that age.

Also included was a small little roses-are-red poem I had written for my grandma, as well as some lovely little actual tea service spoons. I had apparently told her at some point that I love teaspoons and now I have some, lol. I did pass those on to DD as she is the spoon lover these days and not me.

I hope you had a lovely weekend. Catch you Wednesday.

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