Monday, March 25, 2019

Add one more item to my list of hockey adventures...

As mentioned last Wednesday, I took my sign first ever sign to a hockey game and stood on the glass during warmup hoping that Sidney Crosby would see me and my sign and toss me a puck. Did that happen? Well, no.

Here I am standing on the glass with my sign, waiting for warmup to begin. I entered the arena as soon as the let me and went straight to the glass. Good thing I did, because there ended up being A LOT of other Crosby / Penguins fans. Which I kinda figured there would be , so I planned ahead. :0)

Photo taken by DD.

Even though I didn't get a puck, I did get enshrined forever on the Penguins Twitter and possibly their Instagram accounts.

This is Twitter...

DD saw this and sent it to me...I couldn't find the original post on either account myself--such is the frustration of social media algorithms.

And what was I doing there? Filming this little tidbit of puck play!!

All in all, a fun evening even though I didn't get a puck from Sidney and the Stars lost.

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