Monday, March 18, 2019


What is "Akinator" you might ask...

Well, it's an online game or mobile app game that asks you a series of questions in order to guess the character -- real person or fictional character -- you're thinking of. It's a twenty questions kind of game although sometimes it asks you more than twenty questions.

But it's freaky how often it can correctly guess. DD and I played Sunday evening several times and it correctly guessed Harry Truman and Benedict Cumberbatch. It also failed to identify Kent Parson and Greg Wyshynski, one a fictional character and one a real person. It might have guessed Greg had I answered two questions differently. I might attempt that one again just to see what happens.

It's fun and a little addicting to see if you can stump the game.

Have you heard of it, tried it?

So it's Monday again. I had a wonderful productive weekend. Saturday was writer's group and it was so good to be with writer peeps again. Sunday was just plain productive. I got all my chores done and watched a hockey game too.

On a really exciting note, the words are flowing and I'm on track to complete the short story/anthology submission I committed to. I love these two boys and I'm writing about a topic that is near and dear to my heart: hockey! (of course :0) I mentioned that one of my characters has to suffer from a disability, so I gave my hockey playing hero a concussion...

Why, you ask...?

Because, as the sports world has discovered, repeated concussions can cause severe, long term head trauma. Both the NFL and NHL have been involved in lawsuits in regards to CTE. The NHL settled their suit last fall, agreeing to pay players involved in the suit roughly $22K each without accepting responsibility. At least publicly and on the record. Probably because they have to continue to legally protect themselves.

As I have discovered during my journey through hockey fan girling, I have read article after article  about players suffering all kinds of conditions from repeated concussions. But back in the day, the hits to the head or huge hits to the body that potentially rattled the brain weren't treated seriously. A player was immediately sent back into the game. And now the consequences of repeated hits to and by what hockey calls enforcers or goons has come back to haunt these players. Luckily those types of players have been phased out of the game, but hockey is still a high speed, hard contact sport.

These days there are concussion protocols in place; as soon as player is hit in a fashion that could cause concussion, he is removed from the ice. Depending on the context and situation, the play is reviewed and consequences are doled out as necessary.

So my soapbox topic is that if you or you have children who play a contact sport, or any sport for that matter, or participate in any activities where there is the possibility of being hit in the head--treat a blow to the head seriously every time. Get treated by a doctor. Know the symptoms of concussions and be on the lookout for them.

I'm hoping that I can share the information via this anthology.'s to a great week.


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