Friday, November 30, 2018

The Best Christmas Ever, Third Verse

Sonshine is coming home for Christmas!!!

The Best Christmas Ever, first verse was twenty-three years ago when my beautiful boy was born a week before Christmas.

The Best Christmas Ever, second verse was four years ago when the picture above was taken and Sonshine was able to come for Christmas after he'd graduated from Navy boot camp.

Of course there have been good Christmases otherwise, but the best ones are always when all of my babies are home with me.

He'll even be home for his birthday. :0)

In other news, it's Friday--but you know that. I have so many things I've wanted to do all week and few of them were work related. So I'm really looking forward to the weekend and making some progress with various projects. I have a list and it's quite lengthy at the moment, so hopefully two days is enough.

Also, I have no idea what happened Wednesday. I could have sworn I posted something or at the very least written something but forgotten to post it. But nope.

Anyway, hope you have a wonderful weekend.


Dwane Knott said...

I share your happiness in having your family together on the coming holiday.

I wish you son the best, is he still in the Navy? I retired from the Navy. I may have mentioned it earlier.

Is that your daughter in the picture?

Lovely picture!!

Jen FitzGerald said...

Hi Dwane and thanks!!

Sonshine separated from the Navy in September and is now going to school.

That picture is of all three of my babies, Sonshine obviously in the middle. My oldest is on the left, middle child/younger daughter on the right, and Sonshine is the youngest of my three.