Wednesday, November 21, 2018

100 Things Challenge

So, on Monday, I shared a picture of my car full of stuff that I took to a donation center. A lot of that stuff had been piled up before I started this 100 Things Challenge, especially the bags of clothes, but can you believe that I've only culled TEN things from my house during the course of the challenge so far???

Yup. Only ten...because I've lumped like things together: cups and glasses, DVDs, curtains and tablecloths, board games. If I counted each item individually, I'd probably be well over 200, but that seemed sorta like cheating so I didn't.


Seems a bit paltry, but I shall persevere.

Next items to go: all the tote bags I don't use and won't work for groceries, a rather large bubba keg, a DVD player, and a Dance Dance Revolution mat.

Now we're up to FOURTEEN!!

Go, Jen, go!!

I had thought to post some other stuff, but there's not much going on because of the holiday, so I will sign off now.

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with those nearest and dearest to you. But if you can't be with those folks, then I hope you're with the next best thing, whatever that means for you.

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