Monday, August 6, 2018

Yeah, so I missed Friday again... My reason and other random stuff...

I don't have as exciting an excuse this time. I wanted to share an animated GIF for posterity, but could not, for the life of me, get a hold of the original file. It was taking too long and I had other pressing, work-related things to get done and fell by the wayside.

I still don't have anything exciting to share, but life cycles on.

My patio chair began to unravel (the really thick and super-long ponytail holder-like elastic that connects the seating to the frame) and as a result, I *had* to purchase a new one. I sit on the patio just about every day, weather permitting, so... This is chair number three in close to ten years. The first one lasted a long time, that second one, not as much. Which, while I didn't want to have to buy a new one, the broken one wasn't my favorite. Not surprisingly, it was also the cheapest.

This new one has a foot rest--that I cannot use because I am TOO short-- and reclines back much farther than the last one (like the first one too) and has a shade thingy (also like the first one). The second one had a cup holder that I found useful a time or two, so I might try to get it off the broken one and onto the new one. :0)

I'm also thinking about dragging this one inside everyday to protect if from the elements. But that's a pain. On the other's a really nice new chair and I'd like to have it around for a good long while. Maybe just a cover?

I wrote some words this weekend Sunday which was quite exciting. Over 1500 words, which was really exciting. This morning on my way home from the gym, I tested dictating part of a scene. The result was 230-ish words (about a page worth). Not bad. I need to learn to add in the punctuation and possibly new paragraphs, but for the first test it wasn't horrible. Unfortunately, if you stop talking, the app stops recording, so you either have to say filler words or press record again when you want to continue after a spell of silence. Since the app is free, I'll just deal with it for now. If I get really proficient--many months down the road--I'll think about other better options. On the other hand, if I get more proficient, I may not pause to think quite as often, so... >>shrugs<<

I'm taking an online class as well as reading a writer-help book. The class is good so far, the book also good so far.

Hope you had a great weekend. Talk to you Wednesday. :0)

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