Monday, August 27, 2018

Road Construction...

So we live along a stretch of East Loop 820 in Fort Worth. The highway narrows down to two lanes a bit north of us and at rush hour, as you can imagine, it gets clogged up for several hours.

A few weeks ago, lanes were shifted, barriers put up along various sections, and work begun.

But on what??

Well. It turns out the DoT is adding a lane in each direction.

Yippy skippy! About dang time...


It's going to take about four years.

I get that these things take time, but this is a stretch of approximately half a mile. WHUT??

Unfortunately, there are a few challenges--the highway crosses over a small lake on one end and merges into another highway on the other. Along the southbound side of the highway is water overflow drainage, so they have to do whatever it is they need to do to allow that overflow to remain available, which I think, means building a ledge/bridge for that new lane.

Luckily I rarely have to utilize the highway. Only to get to the gym, but that's at the butt crack of dawn and I can take back roads if I have to. :0)

So, yeah, four years of road construction.

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