Monday, August 13, 2018


So I've been churning out the words every day, reaching and exceeding the 600 word goal. As mentioned in the subject of this post, I've crossed the 30K word mark of the book as a whole. The goal was originally 32.5K with the belief that I'd be close to the story actually being complete. But with the progress I've made through the actual story--still in the middle of chapter 6 of at least 12!!--I'm definitely looking at a few thousand more words and at least another week.

I know some of the words already written will be deleted because they don't fit the narrative any longer, but new ones will take their place. Whether it will take more words or fewer words in the rewriting, I have no idea.

Resetting end goal to 35K. Leaving the deadline as this Friday for now, because I'd still like to do that, but with the understanding that it just may not happen. And the only reason I picked Friday is because Saturday is writers group, and for encouragement and acknowledgement from one another we can report written words, edited words, and finished books, as well as submissions, sales and rejections. I really wanted to be able to report finishing the book.

So onward I go each day, curtailing my workout a little bit so that I can squeeze in the time in the morning when my brain works the best for the writing.

Hope your weekend was as enjoyable and productive as mine...

Catch you later!

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