Monday, February 20, 2017

What's next on the agenda...?

Many, many things, to be honest...

Sometime this week, I'll finally be able to get down to the courthouse and file my assumed name. I'm super excited about that. And once I have that, I can create my accounts with the various e-book distributors around the Internet. I'll be two steps closer to publication. :)

In my research of various things, namely pricing and book covers, I've come to suspect I might be  carving out my own little niche. From the look of a cover, you can generally tell a few things about the book; tone, feel, and genre or sub-genre being the relevant ones for this point. Like I said, this isn't empirical research. It's merely an observation from looking at a lot of book covers (had to see them when researching pricing too).

This series I've been working on doesn't appear to be much like anything else that's out there right now. A few are similar, I think. But, of course, no one's going to write exactly like me, so I've got that. I'm looking forward to seeing if those who are wishing for books like mine actually find them. I think the offerings in this sub-genre seem fairly small (compared to other romance sub-genres) since  I saw the same books from retailer to retailer with not a lot of pages of offerings. I have a feeling a new author on the scene is going to be noticeable/findable in a short amount of time. *fingers crossed*

I also heard from a fellow chapter mate that she'd heard of my cover designer and thought her work really good. Just the fact that someone else had heard of her was nice. I mean, I think she does nice work, but it's nice to know others have heard of her and agree.

Well, time to get the week started...see you Wednesday. :0)

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