Friday, February 24, 2017

So who'd have thunk...

...that at any point in my life, especially my mom, I'd love raw onions? Only red ones, to be honest, but I eat them almost every day on anything that seems logical to put them on.

Other things that surprise even me...

Me running around in shorts in 58* weather at five o'clock in the morning on a day late in February. Yeah, I still get cold a lot, despite the change creeping up on me, but I think all my exercising and consistent snacking have raised my metabolism and my body temperature, so sometimes it takes a little longer to get cold. Weird. Me running around in shorts, not the why/how...

How about me just going to the gym in general? Not such a stretch, maybe, but at the butt crack of dawn??

Jen launching a publishing company/writing career at the age of forty-eight almost forty-nine years old? Not me for sure. But here I am.

It's been an adventure, that's for sure. But so far so good...I'm having fun, and I guess life should be fun at this stage of the game.

So Happy Friday, y'all.

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