Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Back to the Business Plan...

Okay, so...more reading and light research in the last couple of days and I came across some blogs and articles that say all business plans are not created equal. What ho??

For someone like me who's a one-woman shop and not planning on needing investors or to go to the bank for a loan, I don't necessarily need the traditional business plan. Oh, thank goodness, 'cause really, why???

There are some modified--simplified--plans for entrepreneurs like me who just need some basic direction and areas to focus on to get started. I dutifully answered all the questions on the form that spoke to me and they were helpful.

I'm still planning a more formal business plan with the vision, mission, and goals portions because I think those are important, even for me. As I said Monday, those things will help me make decisions later on down the line--will my decisions support and move me toward or away from my defined purpose?

Knowing what those are and keeping them in sight somewhere in my office will be helpful I think.

Now that I don't feel like I *have* to have some twenty page document full of research and revenue projections, I'm breathing a bit easier. My vision, mission, and goals are modest, but if I do someday need to approach the bank, I can certainly upgrade my plan and, by that time, I'll probably have some sales figures behind me to use.

Still some work ahead of me, but it's no longer as daunting or scary a task. :)

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