Friday, July 8, 2016

Quarterly Goals Recap/Update

Shoulda done this last Friday, but things were a bit crazy with the looming holiday, so--

How have I done achieving my goals as listed just to the left and down??

Going in the order they're listed, though not numbered:

1) be a better website person--yep--keeping up with updates and changes
2) be a better treasurer--yes, not much to say, but staying on top of things
3) get physically healthy and well--mmm...same, really
4) walk the dog/walk to the post office--I do walk to the post office without fail when I work at the office; I don't walk the dog because she's very aggressive and I need a harness or a choke collar and I just haven't had the funds for either of those
5) reach the 120lb. mark--no, not yet, but I still have half a year and I'm hoping to join a gym soon
6) get the house cleaner--mmm...sorta, but now that DD has moved home, she's gonna be helping me with that
7) keep crafting/try other crafts--can't say that I've branched out much; I haven't even cross stitched much of late
8) create pod fic--well I did the one and the author had nice things to say; I still want to try my hand at some others, but I'm not sure when; I think this is more of a winter project, but we'll see
9) read and re-read--I've definitely been reading; I've re-read a few things but not as many as I'd planned as I found a new fandom and have been devouring new works
10) write 10K to 15K book for a Christmas box set--yes! My book came in at about 17K; it's currently waiting for its second round of revisions/edits before I do something with it--whether that's send it out to someone else for proofreading or buy a cover for it or create a cover--I'm not sure

So I think I'm doing all right for being at the halfway point of the year.

How about you??

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