Monday, July 25, 2016

Movie Monday -- Star Trek Beyond

Yesterday, DH and I went to see Star Trek Beyond, the third installment of the Star Trek film reboot.

I've been waiting three years for it, and it was filled with just as much awesome as I'd hoped and expected. The theater we were in vibrated and shook in concert with the action on the screen and we had recliner seats. Overall, an awesome movie experience.

Except I remember one of the reasons I hate going to the movies, aside from the expense--the wrapper/eating noise of the people sitting around me. The guy to my right was crunching popcorn in my ear. During the noisy/action-filled scenes, I can deal, but when the scenes are quiet--have a little courtesy and stop eating. I finally had to switch seat with DH, and he thought maybe the guy has special needs. So okay, I get that. He gets to enjoy the film too. That just means I need to not go to movies on opening weekend when the theaters are packed even on Sunday mornings at 10:30!!

So about the film...

Two years into the five-year mission, the Enterprise visits the star base Yorktown for some repairs and much needed R&R. The grind of space has taken it's toll on Kirk and he's ready to put down some roots. After young Spock receives  news of elder Spock's death he feels like he should return to New Vulcan and help rebuild his species.

But first--one "last" mission for them both. They think they're going on a rescue mission, but instead they're lured into a trap. Of course. :) Two hours later, they've saved Starbase Yorktown. Kirk has realized there's no where he'd rather be than on his star ship and Spock understands his place is in the Federation.

Lots of action and lots of humor filled the third installment, but there was a level of sadness too. Leonard Nimoy, who played the original Spock and who had guest appearances in the first two reboots died during pre-production.

And tragically, Anton Yelchin, who played the young Chekov of the reboots, was killed in a freak car accident a mere month ago.

May the both rest is peace.

If you're a Star Trek reboot fan, I definitely recommend you see this and see it in a theater. I def give it 10 stars!

Have you seen it? What did you think??

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