Wednesday, July 27, 2016

It's been an expensive, busy week...

Last week, all three cars needed oil changes. Turns out, two of them also needed much needed and oft-postponed maintenance, and one needed tires badly. Then the decade old washing machine stopped agitating. The main kitchen drain to the sewer was already clogged, so any time we did laundry we had to start and stop the drain cycle in order not to flood the garage. The toilet seal had broken so we had a tiny leak there as well. And I began my gym attendance in earnest.

Last Friday, I met with the personal trainer at the gym and got the scoop on the equipment and came up with a routine to work my target areas--back/undersides of my arms and inner thighs.

Also Friday, my car received its much needed work and tires. The other two just got fresh oil.

Saturday, I began my work out regimen in earnest. You bet I felt it.

Yesterday was my next gym visit and I'm definitely feeling it today. I'm not over-achey, but the muscles I worked are definitely grumbling. Also, the plumber came to rooter the drain pipe and re-seat the toilet.

Today, my new washing machine gets delivered and the old one hauled off. I'm looking forward to doing laundry--not something I normally do, but new appliance, so yeah. :)

Hope you're all well!

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