Monday, March 14, 2016

What's next...?

So I finished the epic birth sampler of love--whew--and got it to Micheal's this past weekend for framing. It's scheduled to ready the day before her birthday, but I doubt I'd see her until the weekend following anyhow, so all's well.

It's funny that as soon as I'd finished it, I missed having a project waiting on the table for me to sit and work at, whether for a few minutes or for as long as the notion took me, so I took some time this weekend to see which of my other projects I wanted to tackle.

I've had this thing floating around for years--since the Brown-Eyed Girl was a baby...

It had been unfinished for many many of the intervening years, but sometime in the last couple I must have taken the time. I just need to finish the wooden house frame that came with it and then frame it and then hang it somewhere.

After looking at my various projects, I decided to work on my Harry Potter Spells sampler... Remember, a couple of years ago, I made this for my CP for her birthday:

Well, I want one for myself although I don't want to turn it into a scrolled parchment looking project. I want it to match my Sherlock sampler in looks so I can hang it close by and have them appear similar. I spent the weekend modifying the pattern for my needs/wants. I'm not quite done yet, but another evening or two of tweaking and I should be ready to prep my cloth and start stitching.

Along with my pattern making, I spent Sunday watching hockey and NASCAR (another photo finish!) So a pleasant weekend of relaxing for me... Hope you had a lovely weekend as well.

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