Wednesday, March 30, 2016

A respite...

Things are finally calming down! Despite my upcoming trip.

The birthday girl loved her birth sampler of love, so that is all history now. Phew.

I've finished both series bibles, so for now, I'm done. One of the series has at least two more books coming, but they're not quite ready for me. A breather a few weeks.

Someone stepped up to be membership chair for my chapter, so keeping up with/setting up new members is no longer my responsibility (aside from processing dues payments and send confirmations). Yay!

The contest has slowed way down which is a good thing. There's still another month, maybe two of tasks, but the frantic pace is behind me. Thanks goodness for small favors.

Of course, there were two classes having to do with Scotland happening in April. Since I'm writing the epic highlander fic and hope to a) convert it to a publishable book and b) write more highland based tales, I wanted to take them both. Just not in April right after my con. I contacted one instructor and asked if she was giving it later in the year. She said she wasn't, but she'd give it to me one-on-one. How about that? And for cheaper than the original class. We're scheduled for August. I couldn't find contact info for the other instructor but, the class is gonna be more about the basics of life during the middle ages, so I've signed up and will more than likely just file away the information. I may or may not participate depending on how I feel and the clarity of the information.

So how's your spring going so far??

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Unknown said...

I'm glad she like the sampler--it looks great!

And awesome news about the class--how cool of the instructor to give you a one-on-one session!