Monday, August 3, 2015

Movie Monday

No, this isn't about a movie I've never seen before though I've watched plenty of late, but a Facebook friend asked people to name some movies they;ve watched more than five times and that have never lost their charm. It seemed like a good blog topic, so here we are.

In the order of most watched to least watched:

1) Star Trek (the 2009 reboot) - I saw it three times in the theater and then well over a hundred fifty times once I got the DVD. Why? I have no idea. Part of the watching was grief. My dad had died about the same time the DVD came out and so watching was one of my coping mechanisms. Every day for almost four months. Not that I necessarily watched the whole thing. I'd watch, then pause when I was ready to stop, then hit play the next day or the next when I was ready to watch again. When the movie was over, I'd start it again. And even after all that, I still love it.

2) Top Gun - I watched this over and over back when my oldest was itty bitty. Not sure what struck me about this movie, but I've seen it well over one hundred times as well.

3) Dirty Dancing - Back in the day, after Top Gun, this movie was a close second for re-watching. Re-watch count has probably not crested one hundred, but well over fifty for sure.

4) Star Trek Into Darkness, the second of the reboots -  I don't love it quite as much as the other, nor have I watched it quite as much as the films that come before it, but it's Star Trek and my celebrity crush Benedict Cumberbatch is a huge draw for me.

5) Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, book/film no. six of the franchise -  Mostly because of the Harry/Ginny romance, so sue me. Ya'll know by know I'm a romance junkie. :)

What about you? What films never get old for you?

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