Friday, January 23, 2015

My teeth have never been so clean...

Back in October, I was forced to the dentist due to awful mouth pain. I'd suffered abscesses off and on for years and then I lost my bridge at some point in September so the two decimated teeth had finally had enough.

The teeth ended up being pulled and I experienced immediate relief, as you can imagine. After a thorough exam including x-rays, the state of my mouth was every bit as bad as I expected. Not much of the damage can be reversed, so the rest of my life will be spent keeping the inevitable progression to as slow a crawl as possible.

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The dental tech laid out a daily care regime I have adhered to morning and evening with few exceptions: flossing, brushing, rinsing with mouthwash, gum massage. Okay, the gum massaging fell by the way side for a bit--aside from just what they got from the actual brushing.--but I'm getting back to it, though just with my toothbrush. I do however, need to go back to the dentist for a thorough cleaning. I have bad plaque and badly stained plaque from all the tea I drink.

One thing I've added to my daily routine is oil pulling. Basically, I spoon a tablespoon or so, maybe a bit less, of coconut oil into my mouth each evening, let it melt, and swish it around my mouth for twenty to twenty-five minutes. The solid is a bit off-putting, but once it melts it's fine. According to Wellness Mama: Oil pulling is an age-old remedy that uses natural substances to clean and detoxify teeth and gums. It has the added effect of whitening teeth naturally and evidence even shows that it is beneficial in improving gums and removing harmful bacteria!

This is what I'm using now--a more nutty flavor than the Louana--and more pure.
It's also helpful in dislodging any food particles that may have gotten stuck in my gums or between my teeth during the day. Once time is up, I spit into the trash can (it's oil and will harden in the pipes...) and then floss, brush, and rinse.

In addition to that, I've switched from store brand toothpaste to Wellness Mama recipe involving coconut oil and baking soda. Baking soda helps eliminate bad breath and helps break down plaque--the coconut oil makes the soda more palatable and has its own variety of benefits, which I may cover at some point.

All that to say, certain things have started tasting different and my conclusion is that now that my mouth is so clean, now that I've removed whatever coating or bacteria or whatever, I am experiencing true flavors.

 I still have more research and learning to do about homeopathic mouth care, but I think it's going to really make a difference in the long run.

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mtnchild said...

You should go ahead and swallow the Coconut Oil ... it is GOOD for you. It has lowered my blood pressure, it has lowered my triglycerides and has given me more energy. Yes it's an oil, but it does NOT clog your pipes. Read up on it a bit more. I take 2 tbsp a day in hot lemon water, and it goes down smoothly - I had gotten to where I couldn't stand the texture anymore, so I just changed it ... go for it Jen!!!