Friday, January 30, 2015

Hang on to my hat--here comes February.

My February is going to be rather crazy and so I'll have to balance my busyness with enough down time to keep me sane.

(Renwick, Professer W. L.: “The Works of Edmund Spenser, Volume I” (1930))

I have work of course. The first week of February is always a bit hectic due to a certain client of ours. Their membership year ends on the 31st of January and so there are tasks and phone calls that come in a flurry because of it.

In addition, my writing group puts on a contest, one of two, and I'm a co-coordinator. I was sole coordinator last year, so at least I have some help, but the next three weeks will see contest activity ramp up significantly.

My proofing business is in full swing, so gotta make time for that....

 I have a couple of personal projects on the books.

Gotta make time for enough sleep, eating right, and exercise to keep me on an even keel throughout...

Oh, and Sonshine will be home for ten days or so!

So how's that for a jam-packed month??

I'm tired already.

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Anonymous said...

How exciting that he'll be home for a visit! February always seems extra busy ... maybe because it's short?