Friday, December 12, 2014

The blink of an eye...

Where has the time gone?

There was this...December1995, six short days before his birth...

And now there's this...December 2014, ten short days before his 19th birthday.

What a difference nineteen years makes, huh??

But this isn't meant to be a post about my boy in particular, it's about time. It passes faster than we imagine.

When we're on the near side of time, it seems like we have forever to do all the things we dream about and things we haven't even imagined. And then all of a sudden, we look back and time has passed and we probably didn't do nearly as many of those things we thought and dreamt about.

But until you're dead it's never too late. This is where a bucket list comes in... I don't have one actually. Do you??

So I'm issuing a challenge--think up and then share some bucket list items or share items from your list. Due Friday, the 19th.

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