Monday, December 1, 2014

Looking good, Sonshine!

As you probably know, DH and I traveled to North Chicago, IL to see our boy for Thanksgiving. We picked up Tim and a division mate, Marcus, took them to a local super center and bought food then took them back to our hotel room for some down time. We just lounged around and talked and visited for the entire day. It was awesome to see Tim.

Of course, the end of the day came way too soon. I'm glad we hugged at the hotel before leaving as there seemed to be some sort of kerfuffle at the entrance gate, and even though we left early to get them back with plenty of time to spare, the boys ended up hopping out of the car and double timing it back to where they needed to be. We were lucky and really weren't that far from the gate, but there was a huge line of cars as we drove back to the hotel. I imagine many many of the recruits had to do the same.


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Anonymous said...

Wonderful pix, Jen. So glad you had time together for the holiday. He's so grown up!