Monday, December 8, 2014

Congratulations, Sonshine!

Just sharing some images from Recruit Training Command Graduation, December 5, 2014...

Tim's division during Pass & Review.

Tim and I played a bit of peek a boo... If he saw me lean left to look at him, he fought his own smile. He's there, just to the left of the guy in the foreground.

 He also earned sharpshooter during weapons training.

In addition to spending his post-graduation liberty with him on Friday, we were at the airport at the same time (for a bit) on Saturday morning and got to spend another hour or so with him.

Too many goodbyes in a short amount of time, but with any luck, we'll be saying hello again shortly before Christmas. And now that he's out of boot camp, he can have a cell phone again, so I can reach out with a text at any time.

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