Monday, June 24, 2013

Movie Monday

My latest new movie watched was Silver Linings Playbook, a romantic comedy, starring Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, and Robert De Niro.

The movie is about a man, Pat, recently released from a mental hospital and determined to win back his estranged wife. Except finding his wife in the shower with another man while their wedding song played on a CD was what triggered his breakdown and subsequent diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder in the first place.

He meets Tiffany at a friend's dinner party and they become friends, of sorts. Tiffany suffers from her own issues, being recently widowed and then fired from her job.

In exchange for delivering a letter to Pat's estranged wife, Tiffany coerces Pat to dance with her in a local competition. He has no choice but to agree--he's that determined to get his wife back--and over the course of learning and practicing the dance routine, Pat and Tiffany fall in love.

This was a slow moving film and I was not prepared to like it much, but it was a lot of fun and, believe it or not, there was no sex in, nor were we ever led to believe that Pat and Tiffany had sex off screen. It was just a sweet little slightly wacky love story.

I liked it so much, I give it nine movie reels and I think I need to get a copy of it for myself.

If you haven't seen this, it's well worth the time.


Regina Richards said...

I've been wondering if I really wanted to see this, butyou've convinced me to give it a shot.

Jen FitzGerald said...

YAY. You'll have to let me know what you thought.

Unknown said...

I really enjoyed this one as well :)

Molly Cannon said...

I love this movie!