Friday, June 7, 2013

Fort Worth Friday

Today I'm going to talk about the Ann Brannon Award....I know you're wondering what the heck that is and what it has to do with Fort Worth, and of course I'm going to tell you! And any time I can brag about one of my kids, it's a bonus, so here goes:

The Ann Brannon Award, specific to our district, is presented in music, mathematics, art, reading, science and physical education. In order to qualify, one must score in the top 4% in their field on overall grades for which the award is given. It was established in 1976 when Mrs. Brannon, a former elementary school teacher and then Assistant Superintendent for Instruction for the FWISD, suggested that the district honor students who showed the most improvement in a subject or those who advanced beyond normal expectations in a class. An Ann Brannon Award is given to students in the Fort Worth Independent School District for exemplary academic achievement.

Guess whose kiddo got one?

Yes, my Sonshine received the Ann Brannon Award in JROTC for the year. YAY!!!! In case you're wondering, JROTC falls under the physical education umbrella for some reason.

And no bragging is complete without pictures...none of Sonshine receiving it as I didn't get to attend the program...but the award and his certificate:

Despite it being a FWISD honor only, I think any award (aside from participation) is a good thing. :)


Unknown said...

Congrats to Sonshine! That's wonderful! :)

Angi Morgan said...

Congrats, proud momma...that'll look good on the college aps.

Regina Richards said...

Very Cool! Congrats to Sonshine!

Jen FitzGerald said...

Thanks for stopping by gals!!

Char said...

Congrats to Sonshine! How wonderful.

Unknown said...

cab you still get the award if you dont go to a ceremony