Wednesday, May 15, 2013


So Mother's Day was this past Sunday. DH cooked my favorite, grilled hamburgers, on Saturday night, and I got three mini-roses, one for each of the kids. And all of us are going to go see the new Star Trek film sometime next week, when the Brown-Eyed Girl has a day off.

My flowers:

The pink one on the left is from DD, the lavenderish one on the right is from the Brown-Eyed Girl, and the cream colored one in the back is from Sonshine.

The day itself was spent peacefully with me enjoying the lovely spring day and the herd of wildlife I have enticed into my backyard.

At one point there were sixteen mourning doves and two squirrels!

In other news...DD just finished her semester of college, and one of her classes was an art class. One of her projects was to mimic Van Gogh. I have a new piece of artwork on my wall now!

I have taken up sewing again! I don't know entirely why, but partly because I just got rid of all my fat clothes. Of course, all my patterns were sized for the larger version of me, so I needed new patterns. I now have seven new patterns to mix and match.

Second thing on the sewing agenda was taking apart a dress, whose fabric I loved and that I didn't want to just give away with the rest of my clothes. The bodice of the dress is too big, but I've sewn a casing to the skirt, slid in some elastic, and voila! a new skirt. Finished last night and wearing today!

Speaking of clothes and the slimmer me, I finally passed the 144lb. plateau I'd gotten stuck on. I'm hoping to fall into 130s range here soon.

Are you a seamstress? Have you ever laid hands on a sewing machine? What have you made??


Regina Richards said...

Can't sew. Wish I could. Admire those with the patience and artistic flair. Congrats on the weightloss. Very inspiring!

mtnchild said...

I'm trying to get back to sewing again too! I made a Pioneer Bonnet for a friend for the Black Powder Shoot we attended at the beginning of May, and surprisingly I really enjoyed it. I've been on a knitting kick for the last year or so, but am thinking that some diversity in my crafting is a good thing! I have some neck "coolers" to make for all of us for the hot (to us) months coming up ... LOL

Unknown said...

I can sew quilts, but never did get the hang of making clothes...

Jen FitzGerald said...

Hi, ladies--thanks for commenting.

Regina, you tell fabulous stories. That takes patience and creative flair, too.

Yes, mom, I chuckled when I got your blog in my mailbox and read that you started sewing again too.

Lara, I'd love to see some of your creations.