Monday, May 13, 2013

Movie Monday

This Monday's movie is A Royal Affair, a foreign (Danish) historical film about the relationship between the wife of King Christian VII, Caroline, and the king's physician, Johann Struensee.

Based on actual events, the movie chronicles the rise to power of Johann Struensee, a German doctor, who becomes royal physician to King Christian, who, it is believed, was mentally ill. By basically playing into the king's illness, he gained the king's absolute trust. Despite his father being a priest, Struensee was a firm believer in the Age of Enlightenment, and encouraged and helped the king to begin reforms. And as the title represents, during this time, Struensee and the queen entered into an affair

I'm not much one for foreign films (and this one did win several awards) but being second generation Danish, it piqued my curiosity. (My mom was born there and my grandmother still lives there.) The movie was slow moving, but I cut it a little slack and gave it a movie reel rating of seven because I'm a history buff and Danish. :)

Anyone seen this? A fan of foreign films in general??


Regina Richards said...

Never heard of this movie until now, but it sounds interesting.

Unknown said...

Sounds interesting--I haven't seen it, but I don't mind a good foreign film so I may have to check it out.