Monday, March 18, 2013

Happy Anniversary

This past Saturday, my writers group celebrated its 30th anniversary. Yep, back in 1983 a group of women, all pursuing the dream of writing romance novels, came together and formed a local chapter of Romance Writers of America, founded three years earlier.

Of the dozen or so women who formed our group, two remain members, one whose health prevents her from attending and the other who rarely misses a meeting and continues to write, submit, attends classes and conferences, and even teaches classes herself.

Carolyn has served our organization in just about every way and we're so grateful. She's a dedicated member and writer. She was a special guest speaker and talked a bit about the formation of group. And after thirty or more years of pursuing publication, Carolyn announced the sale of her first book to Noble Publishing.

As a way to honor Carolyn and her perseverance, the board voted to name the new published author contest after her. She was quite surprised, as you can imagine, as were the rest of those in attendance.

We were given goodie bags and had extra door prize drawing gifts as well as cake to celebrate.

Overall it was a really awesome day.

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Regina Richards said...

Definitely a wonderful 30th anniversary, especially the fact the contest was named after Carolyn. Awesome!