Monday, March 11, 2013

After how many months?

After seven months I finally went back and re-read my 15K word novella, A Snowball's Chance in Texas. I submitted it at the end of August and waited and waited and waited to hear back from the publisher. Finally, in November, maybe even December, I heard back from them. They didn't want it. But, sheesh, they sat on it long enough.

Even though I wrote it specifically for the particular line, I was told it didn't fit. Huh. But by that time, the holidays were upon us and while I thought I knew there was something wrong with it, that it wasn't as ready as I'd thought it was, I wasn't ready, didn't want, to go back and try to figure it out.

So what changed? I don't really know. What I do know is that because of an online class I'm taking, I've been in and out of the story that follows Snowball: Children With a Chance of Marriage. And despite my hiatus from writing, I love to write and I guess I just needed a break. I gave myself permission to take a break and I took it. And now the words, the stories, are teasing me again. Still, there's no pressure. If I want to write, I will. If I don't, I won't.

As for these two stories, well, I want them to be published together, so that means figuring out what if anything is wrong with book one and finishing book two.

To that end, I'm looking for several beta readers. I'd prefer folks who read only. I've got one offer already, so I'm looking forward to hearing what a stranger thinks of my work.

Anyway, last night, I read Snowball. And you know what, it wasn't half bad. I think there's one place I need to add a scene, but otherwise...I think it's okay. And hopefully, this beta reader will know her romance. I guess I need to figure out what I want to know from her.

My weekend was nice and relaxing, though not as productive house/yard-work wise as I would have liked, but that's okay. After last week, I really just needed to relax and regroup, which I did.

How about your weekend??


Unknown said...

Sometimes a work just needs to rest before you can approach it again.

I'm glad you're enjoying your story--it's a nice feeling to gain some perspective and realize that your story is actually pretty good!

Regina Richards said...

Most of the time I think the "it doesn't fit our line" rejection is true. But sometimes, like in this case where you've written it specifically to their line's specifications, I wonder if it in't just an excuse. The sort of "really, it's me, not you" of writing. Of course unlike in the dating kiss-off, in writing it goes "really, it's you, not me".

Keep writing!

Jen FitzGerald said...

Yes, Lara, it sure is. And generally speaking, I do like my own work. :)

You're right, Regina. I'm gonna talk about that a little either tomorrow or Monday.

Lynne Kensington said...

Why are these not in my email inbox yet??????????? I know, I know--looking for a stranger, but... **sniff** :(

Lots been going on. Will text you tomorrow if I get a chance. Maybe we can chat a bit.