Monday, May 21, 2012

A Time to Rest

Yesterday, I rested. I was tempted not to, but ultimately I went for it.

DH wanted to take the boat out. I was hesitant as I had laundry to do and words to write. Especially those words. This is going to be a short week for me since I'm chaperoning the band trip and will literally be gone and busy all of Thursday and all of Friday. (7AM Thu to 11PM Fri) There will be little time to write without distractions and/or interruptions. Plus this is band time. The children will get my undivided attention should they desire or require it.

Anyway, we went. It was a lovely day on the water with just three of us: DH, Sonshine and I. Sonshine didn't want to go at first, but changed is mind when the boat showed up. I was glad. And I will have pictures to share as soon as my transfer cable arrives in the mail--which could be today.

So once I get that transfer cable we'll be seeing lake pictures and then the Twelve Days of Jen--pics of all my cool Mother's Day/birthday gifts.

On Saturday, I received my second/third charm for the writing incentive program my writing chapter is sponsoring. Pics of that coming too.

Since we're back to the writing, I did *not* reach my goal yesterday and (as mentioned) I'll probably lose Thursday and Friday. So...I think I'm going to give myself a bye week. I'll write what I can on the days I can, but otherwise I'm going to give myself a break and not try to cram in all those words since I also actually have to prepare for the trip as well as go on it.

I had a lovely day with my writer peeps on Saturday, especially my critique partners. Mostly we visited and brainstormed some titles for on of them. Speaking of titles, I finally decided on a title for my current WIP:

Children With a Chance of Marriage

With the title came some helpful direction regarding part of the plot. So YAY! Now if I can just pull it off. :)

And with that, you all know it's Monday and I do have work to do.

But please share with me how you spent your weekend.

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Regina Richards said...

Children with a Chance of Marriage. Love it! I'd definitely reach for that one on the shelf!