Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ticking them off, one by one...

Another event crossed off my list. Sonshine's band concert was last night and they played well. I took video on my camera, but until that pasky cable arrives, that's where they'll stay, along with *all* my pictures I'm dying to share.

Tomorrow, however, Sonshine and I will be dropped off at school by 6am to leave on the band trip. We're on a two-day whirlwind tour of Dallas! The kids will be performing at the Winspear Opera House, which is supposedly on par with Carnegie Hall and Fort Worth's Bass Performance Hall. We'll see. Not that I've been to Carnegie Hall, but I have been to Bass Hall. We'll be hitting several local tourist attractions as well, finally returning to school close to 11pm on Friday. *whew* I'm tired just thinking about it. (I will have yet more pictures to share.)

I mentioned Monday that I'd finally settled on a title for my current WIP. I'm also excited to say that I've finally found/chosen a publisher/line to target: Entangled Publishing's Flirt line. Required word count is between 10K and 15K. That's actually a relief for me.

The first book of the pair I'm currently working on has me stumped. I think the shorter word count is going to make it easier for me to fix as the line requires a much simpler plot and a faster resolution. I've already started some of the slashing. I knew one scene wasn't working though I loved it so and now it's gone, cutting approximately 3K words. Once I simplify the conflict, I'll be able to cut a lot more. The second book is at 11K and will only take minor alterations at this point to make it work.

But alas, little of that is happening during the next two days.

Anyway, I have work to do before I'm gone for two days. (which means there will probably be no post on Friday--but maybe there will if I have Internet!

Have a great long weekend--

And don't forget Memorial Day is to remember those who sacrificed to give us/help us keep our freedoms.

Thank a veteran today!

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