Monday, May 14, 2012

It was a very good day...

So yesterday was Mother's Day and my pseudo birthday.

And it was a good weekend all the way around.

Saturday was my nephew's graduation from Baylor University and subsequent commissioning as a 2nd lieutenant in the Air Force. He graduated with a B.A. in Russian and will attend flight training school at Laughlin AFB here in Texas.

Thankfully, there were only a baker's dozen or so cadets, because at 10-15 minutes per cadet, it was already a longish ceremony. But I was glad Sonshine got to go and see this. I think he really enjoyed it and I hope it helped solidify his intention to join the military.

Sunday was a good day. Though I did go do the grocery shopping (DH said he'd go, but then I'd have gotten ten phone calls about what brand and what size, so it was faster if I just went and did it) and the laundry, everything else from dinner to dishes was handled by everyone else. Mostly.

Dinner was burgers on the grill with salad and chips. Dessert was eaten mid-day. We were going to go to Olive Garden so I could have their cheesecake, but it was so crowded we went back to the grocery store and everyone picked out a treat of choice there instead.

Now to the presents! I got a lot of them (remember Mom's Day and B-day) and they'd been piling up for two weeks now. I have pictures, but the transer cable is broken.

My haul: a new SHINY Revereware kettle; the complete set of Harry Potter books in hard back--which came in a cardboard Hogwarts trunk and which tickled me more than almost anything else; a new battery charger for the camera; a couple of other books that I will talk abot later; the DVD of Water for Elephants which I raved about last week; socks; new Sharpies in a lovely patriotic metal tin bucket; three candles; another hurricane lamp looking candle warmer; an iTunes gift card; and a new set of dishes (12 place settings!)-- oh, and a lovely frame for my picture of Sonshine in his marching band uniform. :)

Now the whole family was waiting to see my reaction to the new kettle. Remember a month or so ago I posted about it? How old and funky it was and how it had finally broken. Well, me getting it wasn't that much of a surprise, was it? (none of the gifts really were, tbh)

The biggest surprise of the lot was the complete set of Harry Potter books. Yes, I'd sorta asked for them, but really said in passing conversation with DD that I'd like them in hard back. I expected one or two of them. Maybe. Not all seven of them. And not in the cool (cardboard) Hogwarts traveling trunk. The trunk came with stickers that I got place on the box too. Silly, I know, but hey...

On the writing front, I made last week's words with plenty to spare, but this week didn't start off so well. I bare got a quarter of the words for yesterday I was supposed to. There will be lots to make up throughout the week.

And now it's time to go get some work done. :) It is Monday after all.

(pics to follow soon, if I can get them off my camera)

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