Monday, January 9, 2012

It's a brand new week!

And I'm glad. Friday and Saturday were crazy, but Sunday was relaxing. And today will be busy as I need to get caught up on a few things I put off last week.

Working the Cotton Bowl at Cowboys Stadium was wild. I wasn't expecting it to be that busy, but Arkansas and K-State fans alike are crazy. We had a steady stream of customers the whole time and the game, for whatever reason, took a long time. We sold 250 footlongs and somewhere in the vicinity of 600 sodas! I'm not sure how many beers we sold, but it was a lot, too. I was hoping to be home by 10/10:30--that's what time I was finally able to leave and I didn't make it home until midnight.

Saturday's board/transition meeting went relatively well. There were a few tense moments between a couple of ladies, but overall, we accomplished the things we really needed to.

Sunday was spent recuperating and doing minimal chores in preparation for the work week. I even got some editing in.

Today I look to Thursday and possible band booster board and regular meetings. Ugh. The regular meetings are a waste of time. Nothing I say in the meetings can't just be published in the newsletter I publish each month. But, of course, we have to hold the meetings. I'm thinking they need to be no more than every other month...

One of my goals for this year was to take a writing class every quarter. I spent some time yesterday researching online classes. I found five or six happening over the course of the next five months and will decide if I'm actually going to take them when the time for each draws near. But they are picked out.

The week has begun and, now, so must I!



C. A. Szarek said...

We still have those January goal!

Anonymous said...

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