Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A change in plans...

There will be no walking today. Why?? Because it's pouring--thundering, lightning, the whole shebang. I'm sort of glad. I added lunges to my repertoire yesterday and the tops of my thighs are griping. Now, had it been sprinkling or not raining at all, I would have gone and endured the workout. But pneumonia and/or a lightning strike is not my idea of a good time.

So what am I doing up at this time of the morning? Well, usually walking or washing dishes but I think I'm going to write.

I was thrown a curve ball on my WIP, which means yet another re-write which I am not happy about. I really was trying to get that story told to the end. And submitted. And earn my PRO status with RWA. (Not for myself, as I could personally care less. But as a long time member of RWA and the current president of my chapter, I really out to have at least one finished manuscript.)

I hope that work today will be slow enough to be able to spend some time writing. There are never guarantees, as evidenced by yesterday, when several hundred defense attorneys and I could no longer access our county's electronic case file system. I won't bore with the whys and hows, but while the county scrambled to solve the problem, I took probably 15 to 20 calls from attorneys and paralegals and assistants over the course of about three hours wanting to know WHY they couldn't get in. And even after that problem was resolved, they kept calling me for various sundry other things. Gack.

And now, I'm going to write. Something.


C. A. Szarek said...

Argh, I hate dealing with attorneys (I also have to at work). Good Luck on becoming Pro! YAY! And sucky about the rewrites. Guess what!? I did some sprints last night. It was cool, good. A first for me and I wrote almost 2k. ;)

Jen FitzGerald said...

Congrats, Chrissy. 2K is fantastic!