Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday, Monday...

The week and the day was to start off on a pretty promising note.

We were going to pick up a sizable check from a client and our immediate pressing financial worries would be temporarily checked.

The weekend was beautiful *and* productive. Our backyard jungle was returned to it's state as a backyard with a lawn--well, lawn is a relative term as any real grass has been taken over by weeds. But it looks fine when it's mowed, and as long as it's green...

Our patio was cleared of all the random debris and weeds, and hubby and I tried to enjoy an al fresco breakfast but it was a might too chilly for him.

Huh? What? He was too cold? That's an amazing turn of events as it's usually me trembling with bird-chillies. I must be approaching "the change."

The weather in general is bright and sunny, but still cool. Perfect camping weather.

But this morning at 6:45 we get a call from one of our best clients--their building was broken into and their server and five of their PCs were stolen. So now we are on high alert to turn around a new server, five PCs, and find their data from backups and get them up and running.

Chaos! I hate chaos. Meanwhile, all our other plans get pushed to the wayside. On a positive note, we're making a decent chuck of change as we can charge priority rates, and insurance should pay for it all.


mtnchild said...

Too bad it sometimes takes some one elses misfortune to give us a boost. I know it's life, but still.

The 'change' is a-comin!!! Oh, darling daughter, have fun .... NOT!


Regina Richards said...

I am so impressed with your industriousness. My yard looks awful. And I need to do spring cleaning and have a garage sale. But hubby is still sick and the youngest had a teary meltdown this weekend after she failed to make a team all her friends got on. She's recovered, but I spent a lot of time consoling her and playing nurse to him.

L.A. Mitchell said...

This, too, shall pass...and fatten the wallet. Take care, Jen :)

Jen FitzGerald said...

Thanks, gals.

And, at this point, I welcome the change--hot flashes and insomnia--bring it on!