Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Happy Birthday--

My oldest baby turned twenty-two yesterday.

It wasn't the happiest of birthdays. I'm sure she was disappointed with her small/inexpensive haul, but a) I didn't really have the money to go all out and b) she's in financial straits and I wasn't giving her anything she could sell.

We had cake and visited for a bit then everyone went their separate ways for the evening. And that was it.

I want to know what happened to my beautiful, happy, sweet little girl? When did she turn into a secretive lying shopaholic delinquent?

The other two are fairly normal kids...they lie occasionally, what kid doesn't? They both attend school. They are both social with the family; well, the youngest more than the middle. They are both happy and fun to be around--except when the middle pushed the youngest's buttons, but that's sibling interaction. I hope...I wouldn't know first hand. I didn't have any siblings until I was twelve and, even then, we didn't live together.


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Regina Richards said...

If it's any comfort to you, Jen, at 22 I was a worry to my parents, but I straightened up by the time I was 25. I think for most people the terrible teens happen in the teens as they should. But for some of us, who are pleasant as punch during our teens, it's the terrible (early) twenties when we wander off the path for a while. Most wander back on eventually. Though that's probably small comfort at the moment.