Friday, March 26, 2010

Another birthday...

...another year closer to freedom. Or so my husband said yesterday. Each year older our kids grow, that's just a year closer to them all going out into the world on their own.

Yesterday was our younger daughter's twentieth birthday. As I've mentioned previously, she's a pretty good kid. Going to school, working--oh, wait, her daycare closed and she's unemployed at the moment. But she'll be looking for a job soon. Luckily for her, she doesn't have any bills at this point. She has very little drama in her life, thank goodness. I have quite enough from the older daughter!

The celebration was low key as we were all suffering from lack of sleep the night before, so by nine we had all gone to our separate corners.

We've decided that all the kids will be out of the house by July 5, 2014. What's significant about that date? Well, my son will graduate high school that year and then the day after fireworks season, he'll be on a bus to boot camp! Okay maybe not. But we all need dreams, right?


Regina Richards said...

My youngest goes off to college in 2012. I too can smell freedom. Of course that'll make three in college at the same time, so it'll be an empty pockets freedom.

I'll miss them dearly. Though I might not miss doing their laundry.

Jen FitzGerald said...

Ah, well, I only do laundry for the youngest anymore. The oldest, due to personal issues, is no longer attending college, and there is a great enough gap between the two youngest that thee shouldn't be an overlap--if there is it'll be maybe a year and the youngest will be in community college. If he chooses college over the military. I'm pushing for the military and then they can pay for his college!

Regina Richards said...

That's how my hubby did it. Straight from high school to the military. When his enlistment was up he attended college on the GI while earning a bit on the side in the Reserves.

He says it was the best decision for him since he wouldn't have been a serious enough person to do well in college straight out of high school, but once he'd matured a bit and gained some discipline (the military specializes in instilling self-discipline, doesn't it?) he did very well at college.