Sunday, July 19, 2009


Most of you who read this, know that I am an aspiring romance author. For awhile there, I did very little writing. I've finally gotten back into somewhat of a groove, *and* I've been really excited about the writing.

Confession: I'm writing fan fiction, which isn't suitable to sell to a publisher.

However, I'm *really* excited about writing right now. I have three shortish fics I'm rotating through.

This weekend, despite today being my 16th wedding anniversary, has been tremendously productive.

I'll get back to the sellable stuff soon. Really. But I'm really excited about the writing--did I say that already??--so I'm going with it!

Hope your weekend has been as productive as mine--

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mtnchild said...

16 years - WOW! I remember that you had just gotten married when I moved to Omaha!!! Is that really 16 years ago?? You sure are getting old - me, I just get better.

Love you,