Saturday, July 11, 2009

One Less Dog

Well, today, by divine appointment, I was able to find a home for the young dog that adopted us several months ago.

My husband said just this morning that we needed to find her a home. We'd tried (not very hard) to find her rightful owner back when she showed up in our yard back in late winter/early spring.

Since then, she's been living in our back yard, not getting very much attention from us. We already have two large older dogs who do not want to have anything to do with her. And I really don't want anymore pets.

Then today, I was talking to my friend Mary and asked if she knew anyone who wanted a dog. She admitted she'd been thinking about getting another dog to keep her lab, Ollie, company while she's at work. She followed me home from our writing meeting, met Sassy, and decided she would take Sassy on.

Now Mary is a dog lover and spoils her babies, so I know Sassy is in good hands and will have a much better quality of life.

Thank you, Mary!

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mtnchild said...

I'm so happy for Sassy! Everybody deserves a loving home, especially animals as they don't know how to take care of themselves.

Love you,