Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Still writing...

As of right now, I have written 6012 new words on one of my WIPs, and 3319 new words on another since last Tuesday.

Yes, I'm still participating in the "Writing Game" as Candy calls it.

I've impressed myself. I only missed the goal one day, but I have tried to write above and beyond each day since to try to make them up.

These are 9331 words I would have been nowhere near writing had I not been focused, not to mention challenged and inspired by Candy and the other writers on the loop.

And I'm still excited. I'm excited to be accomplishing so much, and I'm excited that I'm almost done with the story I've done the bulk of the work on. I'm excited to see it fleshed out from the skeleton it started out as.

After that, it'll need a second pair of eyes for a once over to make sure there are no major plot holes, and to find whatever minor spelling, punctuation, or grammar issues may be left.

Woo hoo! I can do this!

1 comment:

mtnchild said...

Yes you CAN!!!

Hugs, Mom