Thursday, June 4, 2009

A time to be proud...

My younger daughter graduates high school this evening. Family and friends will be gathering to watch and then celebrate afterwards.

And if just graduating isn't enough, let's add National Honor Society member, National Society of High School Scholars member, and magna cum laude to her list of accomplishments. Not only that, but she mentioned she may be getting some sort of pin to acknowledge that she's graduating with more than the requisite credits.

And really, let's just go all out, she's already got one credit to her name at the community college she'll be attending in the fall.

*And* she's got a job in a field related to her field of study. (She's working at a daycare--she's pursuing elementary education.)

It's a great day at our house!


mtnchild said...

Oh sooo sweet! Give her my congratulations and a hug!!!

Love, Mom

K.M. Saint James said...

Wahoo! Jenn, to you and yours. What an awesome day for all that hard work. May all her dreams come true!