Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Home Improvement

Well, while the hubby's away, the wifey will...redecorate!

Yes, that's what I've been doing since Sunday. I had to keep my initial efforts on the Q-T since hubby was going to make one last trip home Monday to take care of Monday morning staff meeting and a must-keep appointment. But now he's in Leroy for the duration unless an emergency crops up.

Anyhow, he's been lamenting the sad state of our home--it's been in a holding pattern on various projects for many years because our business and our employees require so much maintenance. And by the time hubby has dealt with all of that, he's too tired to tackle much of anything else. Our living room, specifically, needs an overhaul--especially since the kitchen now looks soooo nice.

So I decided to tackle the living room project while the boys are out of the house and as a surprise and part early anniversary (7/19) gift for hubby. You know that show that used to be on HGTV--the one where a room was redecorated for $500 or less?? Well, that's my goal.

I've picked out a color scheme, which conveniently ties into the kitchen. I've removed moldings and washed down the walls. I've moved everything out of the living room I could move by myself. I've removed wall plates. I've removed nails.

I'm just about ready for the next step--getting the front window finished on the inside. I need my father-in-law for that. After that's done, it'll be time to paint! Woo hoo! That's my favorite part of any project. I'll need my FIL again for putting up the new molding, and possibly louvered doors, and possibly shelving.

But whatever I can do by myself, I will, I just don't have the upper body or arm strength to use a power drill or air gun. But hey... my girls do! Believe it or it not, my oldest daughter is quite procient in the use of power tools--a must for any modern woman, no?? ;)

After all of that--and I wish it were going to be as quick and easy as it sounds here--it'll be time to re-hang wall decorations, add a few new plants, and re-arrange the furniture. And wa-la--a brand new living room.

Well, one day, and one task at a time.

I hope he likes it...


mtnchild said...

Oooh you busy, busy girl!! I'm sure hubby will like it since he didn't have to do anything. You need to take some pictures and post them here - before & after!

Your redecorating will come together in no time, just keep plugging along. And the girls can help you!

I can't believe you two have been married for 16 years!! I know, like you, that it's early but have a happy anniversary.


L.A. Mitchell said...


Projects always take longer than you think. I always remember painting fondly until I'm actually doing it and cursing the textured wall trying to get a straight line.

Happy decorating!