Saturday, November 29, 2008

Real progress...

As I sat on my bum most of yesterday, my husband and my son worked steadily throughout the day and now I have a good portion of my new kitchen floor installed. And boy does it look different from the plywood!

I'll try to get a picture taken to show it off, but no promises--I'll have to scrounge up a camera.

I hope you all had a relaxing Thanksgiving, as I did. I hope the food was good and the company enjoyable. It was just the five of us sitting around the living room watching the tail end of the parade and then some football. We read, surfed the 'Net, and napped. And as far as I know, my hubby didn't do a lick of work, which is a feat, let me tell ya.

Well, let me go enjoy what remains of peace in my house before everyone else wakes up. Plus, I actualy have to start painting molding today.

I hope you continue to enjoy the rest of your Thanksgiving weekend--

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mtnchild said...

All that relaxing is definitely something to be thankful for. We all work too hard and forget to stop and smell the roses, well, the Pines here in Oregon.

Do the things for the rest of the weekend that will make you happy and think of the wonderful kitchen that is almost yours.