Thursday, November 13, 2008

Online Writing Class

I'm taking an online writing class over the course of the next couple of weeks called 'Challenging Couples in Love' presented by Laurie Schnebly Campbell.

Our second assignment was to describe our hero & heroine in 75 words or less. Thankfully, Laurie included an example. However, as I was trying to do my homework and describe my happy couple (and the story), I suddenly realized that I didn't know their individual goals, motivations, and conflicts. Yikes! That must be why I hit a snag in the writing. I had been going great guns, but now I'm at a loss... Could it be because I really don't know what my hero and heroine want and why they want it? You betcha!

This part is always hardest for me--so back to the plotting board.

But now, when I sit down to plot the third story in this little trilogy, I'll know where I need to start.

When beginning a new story, what's the hardest part for you?

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