Thursday, November 6, 2008

Back to Israel... Last one I promise--at least for now!

All right, the last two posts where a lead in to this one. Basically, based on the Scripture from the first post (Genesis 3: 12) and to the second post (the reasons why Israel's land is Israel's land) comes this: What happens to those who try to take away the land given to the Jews by Almighty God. Well, since the Nation of Israel's creation in 1948, there have been a handful of wars--all of them won by Israel--or if they weren't actually won, the conflict ended decidedly in Israel's favor. Now you've got to understand, Israel is a nation the size of New Jersey, and her military started off pretty small--undermanned and out-gunned. But she stood and prevailed against some of the world's evilest regimes. These days, Israel has a unique military system in place, but that's not what I'm here to tell you.

Back to the Scripture and its ramifications for the US... (Just a refresher--Genesis 12: 3: And I will bless those who bless you, And the one who curses you I will curse)

We're not going to go all the way back to 1948. We'll start with 1991-1992 during the administration of President George H. W. Bush...

On October 18, 1991, the US announced an upcoming Madrid peace conference with the USSR, Israel, some Arab nations, and the Palestinians ~ ~ On October 20, 1991 the Oakland (CA) Firestorm began; it was the greatest fire and loss of life since 1906 in the US.

October 30 & November 1, 1991 was the Madrid Middle East peace conference ~ ~ October 30 & November 1, 9991, the worst storm in 100 years covered the east coast--damaging President Bush's ocean front home in Kennebunkport, ME

August 24, 1992, Round 6 of peace talks resume in Washington, DC; Israel came with with autonomy plan for the Palestinians ~ ~ August 23-24, 1992, Hurricane Andrew smashed into southern Florida--it was the worst natural disaster in the US to date

Okay, onto 1993-1995, the first administration of President William J. Clinton...

February 18-25, 1993, US Secretary of State, Warren Christopher visited Israel and 7 Arab nations to restart peace process ~ ~ February 26, 1993, World Trade Center bombing--the US's first major international terrorist attack

March 10, 1993, Secretary Christopher hold a press conference on Israel; March 15-17, 1993, Israel's Prime Minister Rabin met with President Clinton and others ~ ~ March 12-15, 1993, the storm of the century hit the eastern seaboard, including tonadoes, hurricanes, heavy rains, and snow; The storm affected 26 states, and 100 million people

January 16, 1994, President Clinton and Syrian President al-Assad made statements about supporting the Oslo agreement as a first step to peace ~ ~ January 17, 1994, the Northridge (CA) Earthquake is the 2nd most destructive natural disaster in US history; also ground zero of porn industry in the US

October 17, 1994, Israeli Prime Minister Rabin and Jardanian Prime Minister Majali sign peace agreement with President Clinton present ~ ~ October 17-21, 1994, Texas flooding-17 dead, worst flooding on record in Texas

September 28, 1995, In Wasnington, DC, Israel and the PLO sign interim agreement regarding the the West Bank and the Gaza Strip; President Clinton hosts a summit with King Hussein of Jordan, Egyptian Preseident Mubarik, and Israeli Prime Minister Rabin; On September 29, 1995 Secretary Christopher, Foreign Minister Peres, and Chairman Arafat convene first US/Israeli/Palistinian Trilateral Committee ~ ~ September 27-October 5, 1995, Hurrican Opal, the strongest hurricane ever to hit Pensacola, FL since 1900; also hit 1000 miles of US Gulf coast, leaving 27 dead and $3billion in damage

And that's just his first administration. During Clinton's second adminstration, there were 19 such connected events, including four hurricanes, several tornado outbreaks, severe/extreme weather in various US regions, and the Monica Lewinsky issue.

During President George W. Bush's first administration there 24 connected events, including 9-11, of course. Other catastrophes include eight hurricanes, several major tornado ourbreaks, severe/extreme weather, the Space Shuttle Columbia tragedy, and other misc. terrorst activities.

God ain't foolin' around. Somebody better wake up!

Every time someone tries to convince Israel to give up it's land in trade for peace, things go wonky. If everyone would leave them alone--there would be peace!!!

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